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1st Baby Blows

7 Oct

So it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged, but that’s because it finally hit.  I knew that with the cooler weather, shared space with other family members,, my husband bringing home germs from his students, etc that “it” would eventually happen.

(Insert suspenseful music here) My little man has his first viral respiratory infection! The constant running nose, bubbles of snot, watery eyes, and slight cough all add to days full of wiping, comforting, sleeping, and basically trying to distract him from the sticky substance that now seems to be everywhere.  It’s amazing how quickly babies learn how to defend themselves against those unwanted nose suckers and tissues!

Thankfully my friend recommended Little Noses Spray to help relieve some of the stuffiness and dryness up there.  True, my son howls when he sees it coming, but already with just 24 hours of use, his symptoms have decreased!  Thank goodness for shared mommy advice and like other mothers like Ellenks and her comments from BlogHer about there being nothing worse than watching your kid feeeling sick and feeling powerless!  Sharing these makes me feel like I am not alone and I can now help my baby, and myself have much more restful evenings and happier days!