Making Your Own Baby Food

5 Nov

Now that my son is a bit older and has gone through all of the stages of Gerber baby food, in addition to breastfeeding, I thought that it was time to begin making his baby food myself.  In all honesty, this idea was mainly influenced through my desire to save money. Plus, I am recycling those little plastic containers by refilling them with my own concoctions. 

Have any of you out there tried making your own baby food without the fancy baby food processors, etc. that are out there on the market?  I thought the use of a food processor, a little water or breastmilk mixed with boiled veggies would be easy and accepted by my hungry little man.  Not quite as easy as expected!  

Sweet potatoes seemed to go great, along cooked squash…however when it comes to fruit or veggies that may have some skin that I simply can not take off –peas, blueberries, peppers…..well let’s just say that those don’t go over quite as well.  Now enter in the importance of applesauce!!  Thanks for the wisdom of my mom, who had 5 kids of her own to raise, applesauce can be the cure all for almost anything.  This is mostly true and I recommend it.  This way, my son is getting his veggies or ground up meat, along with some added fruit too.  If you don’t like the applesauce idea, I found a cheaper food mill option at our local Target store by KidCo

KidCo Food Grinder at Target

 With my son now having 5 teeth, and a sixth on it’s way, I definitely will be moving on to more cooked veggies cut up really small, cooked meat in shreds, noodles and more, etc.  I don’t know about all of you, but for me it’s been a true learning experience and one that requires some guessing and the help of other friends, parents, mommy Blogher contacts, and BabyCenter advice.  But for all of you parents out there who have also made your own baby food, without buying the William Sonoma-esque food making wonder machines, I feel your frustrations, would love to hear what you found works best, and more power to you!! 

P.S. – I also recommend having someone watch your little one if possible while you block out some time to cook several items all at once to save you time in the long run.


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