Learn As You Go

29 Sep

Welcome to my Momster Diaries Blog. I started this as a result of an assignment in my MSU New Media Class. As I was reading how to get started and being advised to write about a subject I was passionate about; something that would make me marvel at my own brilliance, I’ll admit not a lot of things were coming to mind that weren’t immediately crossed off the list. There were content limitations, subjects that felt more like work, and costs limitations. I mean, I am a young, married professional with a house and car payment, many home bills, school tuition, low income, oh yeah- and I’m a new mom! Now there is something that could lend seemingly endless content.

Let’s make sure we start off on the right foot here. I’m not claiming to be an expert. After all, as parent knows, parenthood is kind of a learn-as-you go thing. Especially when you are the mom. And in this blog I will strive for no pretensions, no keeping things secret. I’ll let you know pretty much everything I learn as I go; including my not-so small-mistakes.

So let’s talk about becoming a mom. No, I won’t go into any details about labor. We’ll actually slip right past that since thanks to an epidural and exercise, mine wasn’t really all that bad of an experience. But afterwards, I mean come on ladies! Why don’t we have the common courtesy to share with other women some of those little known secrets? Oh yeah, there are plenty of resources  like Expectant Parent classes, What to Expect When Expecting books, countless articles, online publications, pamphlets, etc. all claiming to better prepare you for “the miracle of life”. But why does no one prepare you for the pain of the doctors pushing out the afterbirth or pressing, oh wait-excuse me, “massaging” on your uterus? Now that is pain that an epidural can’t touch! Or what about the total lack of any privacy that you will experience during and after the delivery. Seriously! I was a pretty private individual before I went into labor, but now, nothing bothers me. However, for any new or soon-to-be moms out there, it really is true that once you have your little man or princess in your arms, nothing else really matters!

As I continue blogging my Momster Diaries, I beg you to keep in mind that I definitely do not hold all of the answers. I am no Parents.com or Empowering Parents expert blog. This is more of a sounding board on experiences, and feel free to join in! By showing off my mistakes or challenges, hopefully we can all share advice, and talk Momma-to-Mommy.

Picture: ” Mother Son grip” courtesy of www.babycenter.com online entry.


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